Our Story

Falling in love with Italy is easy. The Italians understand the essence of life; enjoying it. When John took me to the Italian lake district I immediately loved it. John had come here for holidays for over 40 years, he feels rooted here. Families sitting together at the lake sharing a meal, snoozing in the shade. La vita e bella!

Going to Italy for the first time I was struck by its magic. The warm climate, beautiful countryside, rich culture and pure & simple food. A place where people still enjoy the company of each other and all the good things life has to offer. A land of warm-hearted people with passion, generosity and authenticity.


During our many stays we would discuss moving to Italy. We both wanted to change our hectic lives and do something else. John worked as senior manager in hospitals (radiotherapy, radiology and nuclear medicine) and I had my own freelance (IT management) company. Maybe hospitality? Italy felt like the right place to do that and we dreamed of starting a glamping or a bed & breakfast.

So for over three years we looked for a house in Italy that would be perfect for us and our guests. We found a little gem nested in the Monferrato hills. With enough land to be private but close to towns, bars and restaurants. A former cantina with amazing panoramic views and on a clear day a full view of the Alps. With plenty of space for guests and a part that could be converted into accommodation for us. All within driving distance of airports, major cities and the sea. We named it Cascina GianTino. We hope it will become your home away from home.

Ci vediamo presto! John & Martijn

Our motto – say yes to new adventures

Our Italian journey

2008 – 2016

Spending our summer holidays in Italy

Enjoying la dolce vita, dreaming of a bed & breakfast or glamping some day.

apr 2019 – dec 2019

Renting & buying properties in Italy

Selling everything in The Netherlands, renting in Piemonte before buying a Cascina.

july 2022

Proudly opening our guest house

Inviting guests to stay with us and start living la dolce vita. Ci vediamo presto!

2017 – 2019

House hunting in Marche & Piemonte

Visiting Italy at any opportunity, searching Marche and Piemonte for the right property.

dec 2019 – jun 2022

Designing & building our dream home

Working out the best ideas for the house and the garden and getting the works done.


Bellissimo Piemonte!

Create new memories in Bellissimo Piemonte!