Op huizenjacht in de Marken en de Piëmonte III

Deze eerste ‘ house hunting’ was geen succes gebleken, echter maakte ons wel duidelijker wat we wel wilden.

We hebben netjes alle makelaars benaderd en uitgelegd waarom we niet voor hun huis gekozen hebben. Verder schreven we hen:

But thanks to you and other real-estate colleagues we now have a much better understanding of the area and what we are looking for.

Some of you have indicated that you would like to stay in touch and would like to know what we are looking for in a property. We have come to the following conclusions:

  • We want to live in Italy within the next few years, so we don’t want a holiday home. So any house we view must be habitable permanently, including winter time;
  • We don’t want to live near the mountains because of the earthquakes and the steep hills, we prefer a location max. 20 km from the coastline;
  • No steep roads (although we will get used to it at some point, our guests won’t). So the road to the house should be asphalt and fairly flat or a flat white / dirt road max. 200m;
  • For our dream location we see three options:
  1. A “little” house of appr. 150 sqm with the possibility of raising 4 “wooden garden houses” (15 sqm per garden house); or
  2. A house with minimal room for 4 B&B rooms with en-suite bathrooms, a big kitchen-diner, a living room, study and storage room; or
  3. A plot of fairly flat / usable land minimum 4.000 sqm to build our own property, so with building permission for at least 250sqm;
  • A swimming pool of minimum 4m x 8m must be allowed;
  • There must be trees and green on the property;
  • The property must not have neighbors nearby and must be private.

As mentioned during our stay in the Marche, we are prepared to fly to Italy to visit more properties, but only if they match our criteria and are a realistic option. If you think that there are properties suitable for us to view, let me remind you of some important information we need before we would consider to fly to Italy:

  • We really need the GPS-coordinates so we can have a look at the property with Google maps. It is essential for us to see the property, the surrounding land, any neighbors, roads, elevations levels, etc. to determine if viewing is an option for us;
  • We also need up-to-date pictures to determine if viewing any property is an option. Some properties we visited in August were unrecognizable from the pictures on the websites. Some had fallen into quite a bad state and a waste of time to visit.

 Best regards,

 John and Martijn

Martijn zal in een volgende Blog terug komen op welke huizen we bezocht hebben en waarom dit geen opties waren!