Bellaugello | a tribute

Cascina GianTino honors Bellaugello, the first truly gay-only guesthouse in Italy

Many years ago during our summer holidays in the north of Italy we would daydream about our own place in Italy. About a guesthouse for guys like us. A gay guesthouse, a gay getaway, gay resort or whatever you want to call it. We were however not sure whether the concept was something sought after. So we Googled it, knowing that there would be no point in pursueing this if there was no demand for it. To our surprise the concept was already taking off in France and Spain, but not in Italy…

…Except for one place in Umbria. A place called Bellaugello. A fine example of an amazing place for gay guys, run by a sympathetic scotsman named Alec.

Since then Bellaugello was in a way our benchmark. Setting the standard as an experienced host running a beautiful guesthouse with a large swimming pool and amazing views. Providing gay guys a fantastic holiday in a private setting surrounded by green. A place to relax and enjoy the company of likeminded gay men. A family of sorts. A level to strive for.

We always wanted to go but we wanted to get settled in Italy first. Finding our dream property in Italy took much longer than expected. Then we had a long renovation project in the midst of COVID19 and unfortunately we were not able to open until August 2022. In 2023 we received a number of guests that had also stayed at Bellaugello. They informed us that the place was up for sale. So winter 2023 we decided to visit the website to book a few days Bellaugello only to find that it had already closed.

Although we are not Bellaugello, we are one of the very few gay guesthouses in Italy. Based in Piemonte we are glad that guests are starting to find their way to our little corner of paradise. We strive to be your new home away from home and hope to welcome you soon.

Curious? Check out our fabulous suites. Come live la dolce vita!

Cin Cin,