How to get here

How to get to
Cascina GianTino

Some guides on how to get here
by car or plane. 

Your journey to “la dolce vita”

By Car

In the various tabs below we have outlined (in a few steps) how to get to us, but also navigation systems like, e.g. “Google Maps” can certainly help you get here.

From Utrecht to Cologne
  • Arnhem (A12)
  • Koln (3)
From Cologne to Basel
  • Frankfurt (3)
  • Karlsruhe (5)
  • Basel (5)
From Brussels to Basel
  • Namen (E411)
  • Luxembourg (E25)
  • Metz (A31)
  • Saverne (A4)
  • Mulhouse (A35)
  • Basel (A36)
From Calais to Basel
  • Arras (A26)
  • Reims (A26)
  • Nancy (A31)
  • Baccarat (N59)
  • Colmar (N83)
  • Mulhouse (A35)
  • Basel (A36)
From Basel to Asti
  • Gotthard (2)
  • Milano (A36)
  • Novara (A4)
  • Alessandria (A26 / E25)
  • Asti (E70)
From Innsbruck to Asti
  • Bolzano (A22)
  • Verona (A22)
  • Brescia (E70)
  • Cremona (E70)
  • Alessandria (E70)
  • Asti (E70)
From Asti to Cascina GianTino
  • Castello di Annone (SR10)
  • Rocca d’Arazzo (SP39)
  • Montegrosso d’Asti (SP39)
  • Cascina GianTino, Via Rocca d’Arazzo 3
From Spain/France to Cascina GianTino
  • Monaco (A8)
  • San Remo (A10/E80)
  • Savona (A10/E80)
  • Cadibona (A6/E717) continue on the SP29
  • Ponti (SP30)
  • Bubbio (SP25)
  • Canelli (SP6)
  • Moasca (SP6)
  • Asti (SP456)
  • Montegrosso d’Asti (SP39)
  • Rocca d’Arazzo (SP39)
  • Cascina GianTino, Via Rocca d’Arazzo 3

By Plane

From Aeroporto Milano Malpensa to Asti
  • Milano (SS336)
  • Novara/Torino (A4/E64)
  • Vercelli  (A26/E25)
  • Alessandria (A26/E25)
  • Asti (E70)
From Aeroporto Milano Linate to Asti
  • Viale Enrico Forlenini
  • Chiaravalle (A51 .. A1)
  • Pontesesto (A50)
  • Tortona (A7)
  • Alessandria (E70)
  • Asti (E70)
From Aeroporto Torino Caselle to Asti
  • Torino (SP10)
  • Torino-Collegno (A55)
  • Asti (E70)
  • Exit Asti-Est
From Aeroporto Genova Cristoforo Colombo to Asti
  • Alessandria (E70)
  • Asti (E70)
From Asti to Cascina GianTino
  • Castello di Annone (SR10)
  • Rocca d’Arazzo (SP39)
  • Montegrosso d’Asti (SP39)
  • Cascina GianTino, Via Rocca d’Arazzo 3

Conveniently located in the golden triangle
Milano, Genova and Torino

Our holiday vibe
starts with the drive!

From the Netherlands, take the A12 towards Arnhem and the German border. It might be a good idea to fill up the fuel tank before crossing the border and to stock up on liquorice.

Across the border it is really very easy, follow the signs to Cologne, then Frankfurt, then Karlsruhe, then Basel. In the beginning the hills are low, but gradually become higher. Enjoy the beautiful landscape, Germany is full of beauty and great for a stopover.

The landscape gets rougher, the hills become mountains and often there is still snow on the highest peaks. This is Switzerland, land of tunnels! Don’t forget the Vignette (road toll). Driving through you will see many mountains and lakes, including the beautiful Vierwaldstättersee.

The next remarkable point is the Gotthard. For the daredevils, there is the Gotthard pass that gives you amazing views. We prefer the Gotthard tunnel, 17 km through the mountain, but it’s nice and fast (set the airco to internal circulation).

After the Gotthard Tunnel, it is Bellinzona, Lugano, Como/Chiasso, where you cross the border into Italy. From here you will occasionally have to pay a toll at “Alt Stazione”. The quickest/easiest way to pay is by credit card.  Follow the blue lanes indicated “Carte”.

The landscape gradually becomes flatter until you reach Milan, where it is completely flat. This is the “Po” plain, the biggest rice producer in Europe. You will see large plains with rice, corn and sunflower fields. The river “Po” provides the water needed.

From Milan, you will travel on to Novara and finally to Allessandria. Here you will see the landscape develop into the beautiful Piedmont hills and mountains, with endless vineyards and also hazelnut orchards.

From Asti you drive into the hills toward Montegrosso d’Asti. Here you have amazing views onto the beautiful landscape and on clear days the Alps. You reach Cascina GianTino just before entering the village, house number 3. Benvenuti!

Create new memories in Bellissimo Piemonte!