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A perfect start to your holiday

You’re off to a great start

Had a long and tiring day of travel? We know how you feel and have already taken care of it. No stress, just unpack and relax. When you arrive we will let you get settled whilst we provide welcome drinks and a small snack. Your holiday has officially started…

I love sleep – it’s like a time machine to breakfast

Start the day the right way


In Italy, breakfast is usually an espresso or a cappuccino, a selection of “dolce” (croissants, cookies and/or cake) and, in some cases, a fruit juice and a yoghurt. Some italians just grab a piece of fruit “on the go“. Not really what northern Europeans would call breakfast. We provide a full continental breakfast with an Italian twist.

Breakfast is served from 09:00 to 10:30.

If circumstances require you to have an earlier breakfast, please let us know (we will try to accomodate).

Nothing brings people together like good food

Enjoy a lazy start to sunday…

Lazy Sunday Breakfast

Sunday is a day to recover, to relax. Because Sunday is a day of rest we offer breakfast a little later (from 10:00). In case you need to have breakfast earlier because of an early departure, it will be a simple breakfast consisting of bread rolls with jam, a simple yoghurt and a caffe americano.

Lazy Sunday Breakfast is served from 10:00 to 11:30.

Our food philosophy – don’t be eye candy, be soul food

Food and conversation for a delightful evening


In Italy only Mamma and Nonna can cook authentic Italian, so we will never pretend to do so. We do like cooking the Italian way, meaning local products, pure flavours, ingredients follow the seasons and lots of passion for cooking!

Our dinners are not only about food but also about meeting people and having friendly conversation. It is a great opportunity to mix and get to know each other. We love making new friends and we hope our family of likeminded people will grow over the next years.

Dinner nights are from 20:00 to 22:00 (approximately).

We plan two or three dinner nights a week but this depends on participation.

barbecue bbq beef charcoal
BBQ night (FROM 2023)

We love a BBQ “a fuori”. The meal includes various meats, vegetables, salads, breads & sauces (including a famous whiskey sauce from Dutch chef Rudolf van Veen).

More importantly, we share what is made on the BBQ whilst having conversation and drinking fabulous local wines from the region.

The BBQ includes wine, beer, sodas & water and finishes with dessert and Italian coffee or English tea.

Pizza night

The meal starts with a starter salad and drinks. We then get several different pizza’s locally from a pizzeria with a traditional wood burnt oven so you can enjoy different flavours.

Pizza night includes wine, beer, sodas & water and finishes with dessert and Italian coffee or English tea.

Family dinner

Depending on participation John will prepare a three course dinner. The meals starts with a starter and drinks. We serve honest local dishes (no haute cuisine) made with passion and local ingredients, depending on what is in season.

Family dinner includes wine, beer, sodas & water and finishes with dessert and Italian coffee or English tea.

Passionate about food

During your stay you will notice that John is passionate about food. He loves baking. That can be cakes, sweets, snacks, etc. He also loves making bread and finding new recipes. Perhaps you have a recipe to share? Sharing is caring and maybe John will invite you to make the recipe together!

Please inform us during the reservation process of any special requirements, intolerances, and other dietary considerations. If we cannot accomodate your request (e.g. Vegan), we will let you know during the reservation process.

Create new memories in Bellissimo Piemonte!